Ray Huffman

History of Huffman Apartment Buildings in San Diego


Steve Huffman of Huffman Properties Inc. is the fourth son of Ray Huffman, one of the most prolific apartment builders in San Diego’s history. Over 570 individual apartment buildings were built by Ray Huffman between 1962 and 1991 in communities from North Park to El Cajon, from Pacific Beach to Imperial Beach, and from Escondido to Riverside. Huffman apartment buildings were built with state-of-the-art design and amenities not seen in other communities at the time.  

Steve has carried on his father’s legacy by selling, owning, or managing dozens of Huffman apartment buildings over the years with his 28 years of experience in the industry to assist Huffman owners with their properties.  

Ray Huffman and his wife Carolyn built a company from the ground up and started small with their first construction project at 4221 Texas Street where it still stands today. For the next 28 years, they would have as many as 70 apartment buildings under construction at one time, all at different locations spread throughout San Diego County. This feat was accomplished without the office technology we use daily: no cell phones, computers, fax machines, or internet. While the basic structure of each property had similar floor plans, all had a different façade to distinguish one from another. Many of these properties were converted to condominiums in the early 2000s, and today many are being completely upgraded with new finishes throughout.

One branding tool Ray Huffman used was the well-known “Built by Ray Huffman Construction” plaque in the front concrete. This branding is what gives apartment owners today the pride of owning a true Huffman Apartment Community. Click on the link below to see if your property is indeed a “Huffman.”

No one knows a Huffman like a Huffman! If you would like any assistance with your Huffman property, contact Steve Huffman directly at (619) 997-7878.